Floating Action Button

Depending on the configuration of your app and the elements contained on a page, users will see a button in the lower right corner. In lists, you will see the "+" button to add a new entry. In surveys the "Upload" button to send the values.

The following settings/action buttons are available:

  • auto: Displays a button for the default primary action of your app e.g. add a new entry if the page contains a list.
  • none: Disables the action button for this page.
  • add: Displays the "+" button for the add rows functions in lists.
  • upload: Displays the upload button for uploading data to the server.
  • Share: Displays a button that takes you directly to the "sharing" view and lets you share your app with other people, networks, or using other apps. This button appears by default on all public apps.
  • home: Displays the Home button, which redirects to the main page of the app. Only applicable if the page tabs are deactivated.
  • external link: When pressing the action button, the corresponding URL is called (web client only)
    • Define the URL in the field "Action Button URL"
    • Define the text to be displayed in the button in the field "Action Button Text"