Make your first steps

Learn in seven short videos how to get started with app building.

Lesson 1: How to start

To start app creation, connect your app with an Excel file or Google Sheets.

Lesson 2: Selecting the data source

You can create an app based on your Excel file or Google Sheet.

Lesson 3: Add Elements to your app

Now you will see your data in the app builder. Just right-click to add elements to your app.

Lesson 4: Publish your app

When your app is ready, you can publish your app to the public or private.

Lesson 5: Understand tables and input/output

The difference between the table and input/output elements is significant to understand.

Lesson 6: Rearrange elements

You can change the order of elements or group elements within one row.

Lesson 7: Edit elements

To style your app, you can edit the settings for each element, like colors, fonts, and tables.