The app does not work. Why do I get an error?

API request failed / An error occurred

In general, something is configured incorrectly in your app. Here we show you the most common mistakes:


The portal currently often displays unexpected error messages.

The problem can be fixed in most cases by updating the app's spreadsheet.

Change Data Source -> Update data source


1. Cell references are not correct


  • Worksheets have been renamed 
  • Spelling mistake (e.g. Data link incorrect: Sheet12!A1 -> correct: Sheet1!A1)
  • A page in your app that does not contain any elements


  • Adjust the page names under Data
  • Delete the spelling mistake
  • Add an element to the page or delete the empty page

2. Incorrect entries 


  • Cell contains no Hex color value,  e.g. #FFFFFF 


  • Refer to a cell containing a HEX color value.