PDF Button

By selecting the worksheet with the print area you activate the print function for your app. This enables you to save the content of your calculation as a PDF file and send it by email.

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General information about the "Export as PDF" functionality

First, make sure your source Excel file contains a worksheet that contains the relevant info for your print data. For more information about how to define print areas, please visit the article "Set or clear a print area on a worksheet".

If you want the printout to be in landscape orientation, change the page orientation in your source file. (See: "Print a Worksheet in Landscape or Portrait")

Add "Export as PDF" action button with additional options

It is possible to print different sheets from Excel, depending on which action button the user clicks.

Define the PDF file name

Define the name in the element or make it a dynamical name from a cell in your spreadsheet

Hide and show "print as PDF" action button depending on conditions (TRUE/FALSE)

Enter the address of the cell in the workbook whose value decides if this element is shown or not. The cell should evaluate to TRUE or FALSE.