What do separators and decimal points depend on?

Generally always from the language and region settings of the user's end device.

Excel numeric formats should, in theory, be simple. For example, you set a cell format to be "0.00", then the number 1 is formatted as 1.00. But it gets more complex than that, and in this article, we will dig deeper into what values, separators, and decimal points depend on.

Because we are using different platforms, we also have to distinguish between them.

Create Apps: Web portal (browser)

Use / consume apps: Native client (iOS & Android), Web client (browser).

Web portal

Dependency: language settings (browser)

Whether a comma or a dot is used as a thousands separator/ decimal separator depends on the language settings of the browser.


If you change the language, you must reload the page for the changes to take effect.

Native client (iOS & Android)

Dependency: language or region settings of the user's end device.

iOS - Region settings

(Settings -> Language & Region -> Region)

English (US)



Android - Language settings

(Settings -> System -> Language & keyboard -> Language)

English (UK)

German (Deutsch)


We currently cannot display thousands separators for input elements (5000) on Android.

Web client 


The settings depend on the browser language settings.